Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Out and About

A lot has happened since my last post. Including the loss of our good friend and pet, Juno.

I never really understood the pets=family until we adopted Juno. She was our baby before Jude was born and it was (still is) hard to say good bye.

So, to get our minds off things, the four of us (Moose included) packed up and took off to our first hike of the year. This one just west of Westminster. 

A great adventure for new families, the falls are just a few minutes walk down a gravel path.

Thought the day was hot and the whole ride up here (40 minutes maybe) felt sticky, up against the falls the air was cool and crisp... I didn't want to leave.

But Dave said there was more to see, so we were off again.

Wild Irises
Personally, I think the wild ones are much prettier than the domestic.

Moose loved the tall grass and spent most of the stroll darting in and out of the field.

Thousands of tiny frogs covered the path. They were about half the size of a dime and we had to walk really slow to keep from stepping on any.

The lake is closed to fishers until Nov 2014, but that didn't mean we couldn't enjoy the scenery or the frogs croaking.

Check out the Mountain Laurel! I'm definitely going to plant some of these at home.

We stopped for a water break and so Jude could stretch his legs (and Momma could rest a bit).

I can't beleive he's walking! 

Then we packed back into the car, turned up the air conditioning, and hurried home for a long nap.

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