Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Spring

My favorite time of the year? Strawberry Season!

So it was no surprise that this morning, my "Extra" Mother's Day surprise was a day at the Hardy Berry Farm.
The season is a little slow this year, but there was enough to go around. Sorry for the lack of photos, but we were way too busy having fun (and stuffing ourselves) to bother with cameras.

Nothing is better (in my opinion) than that first strawberry. As you pick through the patch, moving broad green leaves and checking underneath for those hideaway  you see the one. Deep scarlet and so full of juice it shines. You place the stem between two finger and gently tug the strawberry away until a sharp snap separates the cap from the bush and you pop the plump morsel in you mouth. Still warm, it melts in you mouth and tastes like the promise of summer. Its began! no more hours freezing right up against the heat vent or hiding from icy rain. The air with brisk, the sun is warm, and everything is right.

An hour later, the Hubby was paying our bill as I was imagining the sweet jam that would be covering the kitchen counters tonight.

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