Sunday, March 24, 2013

Really Quick Craft - Scented Sachet

These took less than five minutes all together and the rose scent makes me happy whenever I open the drawer. (Yes... I know that sounds lame... and I'm okay with that)

^All You Need^

I used a large (clean) tomato can to draw a perfect circle on the back side of scrap cloth (these were from the owl artwork last week)

Cut a half inch outside on your line to give a good bit of room to turn the ends in.

Then bast along the line you drew.

Make sure the ends of the thread are on the right side of the fabric

Fill the center with about a tablespoon of dried flowers or herbs. I used roses from 

While pulling both ends of the thread slowly, use your thumb to tuck the ends into the bag. 

Pull the string tightly and tie off.

My first go, I didn't leave enough edge to tuck in, it doesn't look bad, but I'm a perfectionist.

5 Minutes = Really Quick

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For B

After a month of piddling, poking, and searching the bargain bins for cute scraps of cloth, I have finally completed a piece for Britney's Nursery.
  I can't take full credit for the idea as I've been seeing hundreds of embroidery hoop art popping up all over Pinterest,

But the design is all mine.

And I have to admit - I'm a wee bit proud of it! (Note; St Patty's Irish spirit is still present)

The owls are felt and the nest, burlap. Canvas for the background to make it sturdy and a few pieces of quilting fabric for pattern.

Also felt on the branch. Close up, it looks like tooled leather. 

And a quote from Shakespeare's 12th Night.

Congrats Britney and Scott! What a beautiful family!


Friday, March 15, 2013

We're back!

Nothing can bring us down!
Except maybe a stomach bug. That's right folks, the family Templeton has been through their first big bug and came out in one piece!
It took some time... and lots of fluids... and a trip to the ER.... but we're okay now - and very hungry.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When I close my eyes...

... I can see exactly how my cabin will look in five years (I hope its only five...). Right down to the pattern of the pillows for the couch. So, below is a list of my hopefuls (eventually I'll put up photos of my own place to compare, but for now- imagine all the walls as horizontal pine planks).

As soon as you walk through the front door and into the very long hall next the stairs, there will be a reading nook where our way-too-deep-to-conveniently-store-anything closet is.

To The left, a cozy master bedroom in grays and plums.

The master bath's charming (not white plastic) and unexpected tub.

And I'm most excited about my one-day kitchen,
Something VERY close to this


With open shelves, teal cabinets,

hanging pans,

and concrete counter tops

I even have plans for the garden

And these are just the big plans, I haven't mentioned the laundry room, living room, or sewing corner. Ah... one day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 Weeks before our dear boy was born, I finished his room upstairs

The dresser was from Ikea and the chair was thrifted for $5, then painted and reupholstered.

 Spare wood from pallets+old dowels+sample paint+awesome Husband = quilt rack for $3

A free dresser jazzed up with blue paint and handles made from a pallet.

All original artwork. I used sample paint and newspaper stretched over a canvas for this and the seal painting

more sample paint, a tin of stain, and a plank of wood. This giraffe will also double as a height chart.

 All the artwork cost me $30 total

This canopy from Ikea inspired the whole room, I fell in love with it years ago and as soon I we found out we were expecting, I grabbed it!

 My first attempt at sewing roman shades. Now I'm addicted!.... maybe roman shades for the living room too...
The banners were scraps from old sewing projects.

We opted for cloth diapers.

All together, this room cost me a bit under $400. I little sparse  I know, but we're newlyweds with a 9 month old... we've got plenty of time to collect and add.