We are the Templetons. 

We love to be outdoors most of all and try our best to preserve and take care of our little corner of the universe.We recently moved from Dallas to Upstate SC in pursuit of a simpler life.

The Artist

Crys spends most of her time playing peek-a-boo and changing diapers. She loves to cook but hates to clean (a unfortunate combination). She dabbles in sewing and painting and just about anything else.

The Provider

Dave brings home the bacon. But when not at work, he enjoys waterfall hikes and making anything with his hands (note: any construction project in this blog was built by Dave... he's that awesome!)

 The Greased Pig

Jude spends his time filling diapers so his Momma will have something to do during the day. He's just figured out the walking thing and is officially uncatchable.

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